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Luxurious Eiderdown Duvet

I ordered an EIDERDOWN DUVET. I was very satisfied with the service and personal touch. Sleep is at least half time of our life and i am happy to have such a luxurious item that makes my sleep so special. Thank you for everything

Amazing down pillow

I`m a side sleeper and always had to hug another pillow to be comfortable. my shoulders and neck would ache a lot, and I would wake up with headaches frequently as well. Two nights on this pillow and so far have noticed a maskable improvement! Would highly recommend.

Raymond N.
Best Eiderdown Duvet

What can i say i bought a warm filled duvet off Andrew who was lovely to deal with, i have owned the duvet for quite a few weeks now its well made and seems to keep you at the correct temp which is snuggly warm it does not get too hot while sleeping under it and it does not end up on the floor it stays on the bed all night. This duvet is fantastic i cannot praise it enough if you are thinking its a lot on money think of the use you will get out of it the years and years of service i am more than happy with it i am over the moon and would buy again in an instant i cannot recommend this family business high enough if you have been put off because of the cost don,t be go for it its the best investment i have made Thank you again Andrew and Team


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