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The Story

The story begins in the barcelona when we were travelling the world.

In 2021, three adventurous girls embarked on a journey around the world, fueled by wanderlust and a thirst for new experiences. They roamed through bustling cities, serene landscapes, and vibrant cultures, soaking in every moment of their grand adventure.

In Barcelona, amidst the vibrant streets and the whispers of history echoing through its alleys, the trio found themselves captivated by the city's charm. As they wandered through the enchanting Gothic Quarter, inspiration struck like a bolt of lightning.

Sitting in a quaint café, sipping on aromatic Spanish coffee, they discussed their love for home decor and their desire to share it with the world. And thus, the idea was born – a startup for a home decor e-commerce website that would curate unique pieces from around the globe and bring them to doorsteps worldwide and thats how itsHomely.com started.

Excitedly, they sketched out plans on napkins, envisioning a platform where people could find treasures that would turn houses into homes. From artisanal rugs in Morocco to handcrafted ceramics in Japan, their dream was to connect artisans with enthusiasts, celebrating craftsmanship and culture.

With hearts brimming with determination, they pledged to turn their vision into reality, knowing that their journey had just taken an unexpected turn towards entrepreneurship, guided by the magic of Barcelona.


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