DIY Methods for Shower Cleaner & Glass Cleaner [2022]

Are you looking for a glass cleaner and shower cleaner? If you searching for how to clean shower glass then you are at the right place. In this article, you will get to know about various methods through which you can clean shower glass easily.

How to Clean Shower Glass Wall
How to Clean Shower Glass Wall

What is a Shower Cleaner?

Shower cleaners are the solutions used to clean the shower after a bath or any time of the day but not before a bath because there is no point in cleaning the shower area if you are going to take a shower after that. The shower which is a part of the bathroom and the bathroom itself is the most used room of the house and because of this, it is hard to keep it clean.

It is because of this frequent use, the shower is a palace where soap scum and dirt can be left behind. To clean a shower properly a lot of products like ECOS Shower Cleaner etc can be used. They don’t just clean your shower but make them free from germs, soap scum, dust, grime, etc.

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These days you don’t have to make solutions in your home to clean your shower area as there are a lot of shower products available in the market that can do the job for you. The only thing you have to do is to clean your shower, the way you want to do it.

shower cleaner
shower cleaner

How to Clean Shower Walls?

Dirty shower walls can dull the look of your beautiful shower. To bring back the initial glowing look of the shower, you have to clean your shower walls to a good extent. Now, how to clean shower walls? Well, to do this you have to begin by wetting the shower walls with a shower sprayer or splashing the walls with a bucket of water.

Then fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and spray it on the walls. Let the vinegar soak in for 15 to 20 minutes. Dip a scrub sponge into the baking soda and then scrub the walls. Rinse the walls until you feel like the walls are clean. After you are satisfied with the result, wash the walls with water.

how to clean shower walls
how to clean shower walls

Methods: Glass Cleaner for Shower

The bathroom glass tends to take more time to clean than other places in your bathroom. This is because of the accumulation of soap scum on the shower glass during the shower. Sometimes if they are fresh, they come out easily. On the other hand, if they sit there over time, extra effort is required to clean them. This work can be easily done by giving time to a few methods mentioned below for Glass Cleaner for Shower.

shower glass cleaner
shower glass cleaner

  • Instantly after a shower, wipe the shower glass with either a squeegee or a microfiber cloth to give it a clean look.
  • You can use a shower cleaning solution to clean it. 
  • Combining baking soda, salt and vinegar can be one of the best household solutions that can be perfectly used in cleaning shower glass as it has been used in houses around the world for a long time. 
  • Use half a cup of hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol, 1 teaspoon of liquid dish soap, and 1 tablespoon of a dishwasher. Combine in a spray bottle and swirl it gently. The reminder here is that after mixing all three you don’t have to shake it, you just have to swirl it after putting them all together.

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Shower Glass Cleaning Products

The market today is competitive and is full of a lot of shower cleaning products. Of those a lot available in the market, a few are;

  • ECOS shower cleaner
  • Bucko soap scum and grime remover
  • Method Foaming bathroom cleaner
  • Mold Armor Mildew Stain Remover

How to clean the shower fast? (5 methods)

There are various methods available in the market and at home that can be used to clean a shower. It depends on the individual which one he wants to use. A few are mentioned below.

how to clean a shower
how to clean a shower

  • Method 1: Use a squeegee
  • Method 2: Use a microfiber cloth
  • Method 3: Use a company made shower cleaner
  • Method 4: Use a homemade shower cleaner
  • Method 5: Use lemon furniture oil

DIY Shower Cleaner

The process of shower cleaning is easy if you don’t get a professional involved. Involving a professional in this process can cost you a good amount of money. It is common sense that this type of job can be done by a person himself/herself until and unless if he is not too busy to do it.

Glass Cleaner for Shower
Glass Cleaner for Shower

For shower cleaning, you just need some time, a good shower cleaning solution, a scrubber, and a good eye so that you don’t leave any nook and corner unfinished. Lastly, you just have to spot the stains, soap scums, or anything dirty, spray the solution on it, scrub it properly, and finally, wash it with water.

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This is all for DIY Methods for Shower Cleaner & Glass Cleaner. If you want to share more methods that you are trying and the results are great then do not hesitate to share them with us. You can share your methods with the help of the comment section which is given down below.


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