How to Choose a Garden Tub for Your Home in 2022?

Are you looking for a Garden Tub for your Home? Are you confused about the Garden Tub? Which is the best garden tub that will suit your home? If you have questions like this then this article is for you. In this article, you will get everything about a garden tub along with the buying guide. Now without wasting more time, let’s get started.

How to Choose a Garden Tub
How to Choose a Garden Tub

What is a Garden Tub?

A garden tub is a tub that is larger in size than a normal tub. A description of the dimensions of the garden tub is that it is 60 inches long, 42 inches wide, and 24 inches deep. The garden tub is usually a minimum of 60 inches long and anywhere from 24 inches to 36 inches deep. It is said that historically, it was placed outdoors or near a window so that views could be enjoyed during baths. 

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Garden Tub Dimensions

The dimension of a garden tub is that it is 60 inches long, 42 inches wide, and 24 to 36 inches deep.

How to Choose a Garden Tub?

There are various factors that affect the way you choose a garden tub. These factors are;

  • The way you want to use your tub
  • Space required for the tub
  • Considering the special installations of the tub
  • Heating capacity of the water heater(can it heat the amount of water required)
  • Weight of the tub
  • Comfortability of the tub
  • The material of the bathtub

Garden Tub material

The garden is made up of various materials but the primarily used ones are Acrylic, Enameled Cast Iron, and Stone Resin. Among all of these, the Enameled Cast Iron is the most popular one due to its durability.

Garden Tub material

Garden Tub installation

As there are different garden tubs available in the market, so is their process of installation. Some are just bought, kept in the bathrooms, and used and then there are others that require proper installations, which can only be done with the help of the user manual provided with them or from the specific instructions provided by the manufacturing company.

Garden Tub price

The price of a garden tub depends on two factors, i.e is it a cheap one or an expensive one. The cheap ones usually cost around 500-1000 $ whereas the expensive ones cost around 3000-5000 $.

How to Clean a Garden Tub?

The cleaning of the bathtub depends on how dirty the bathtub is, does it require a light cleaning by spraying the whole tub with the solution of your choice and cleaning it afterward or does it require a heavy cleaning by using a mop or other heavy materials. 

how to Clean a Garden Tub

Types of Garden Tub

There are many types of Garden Tub available, but currently, we are showing the 5 best types of garden tubs that are used at most.

5 Best Types of garden tub
1- Alcove
2- Undermount/Dropin
3- Soaking/Japanese Style
4- Whirlpool
5- Air Tub


These tubs are installed connecting three walls with one finished side. Usually best for apartments or small homes.

Alcove garden tub
Alcove garden tub


These are named under-mount or drop-ins because they are properly placed into the area cut out for them in the ground so that their finished sides or edges are not visible.

Undermount/Dropin Garden Tub

Soaking/Japanese Style

They are usually oval or circular in shape. Also, they are larger in size, so that the person is able to sit comfortably and soak himself.

Soaking Japanese Style Garden Tub


These tubs have self-contained jets. These jets are either air or water jets. The primary purpose of these jets is to massage the user for relaxation.

Whirlpool Garden Tub

Air Tub

These tubs are equipped with multiple small jets that blow heated air into the bathwater to create a massage sensation. They do not retain heat for a longer duration. These are for those users who want a quick massage while taking a bath.


Garden Tub Shower Combo

Garden tubs come in different shapes and sizes. Usually, they are large in size and they have an option of including a shower with the tub or no shower with the tub. It depends on the person buying the garden tub that he wants to include a shower with it or not. Bathrooms that have a garden tub almost always have a separate shower.

Garden Tub Decor ideas

The garden tub itself cannot be decorated because it has to be used for bathing purposes. The actual idea of garden tub decor revolves around the garden tub. You can use things like scented candles, dim lights, etc, and various other things to decorate your bathtub and make your bath relaxing.

How to remove a garden tub?

There are two ways to remove a garden tub. First, you can call a plumber, and he can do the rest of the job hassle-free. This will cost you quite a sum of money. Secondly, you can do it yourself by reversing the steps provided by the manufacturer company in the manual. This will save you a lot of money. The risk here is that if the work is not done correctly or the connections are loose not up to the required mark. It can cost you time as well as money.

Garden tub for 2 is available in the market?

Yes, a garden tub for 2 is available in the market.

What is a mobile home garden tub?

A mobile home garden tub is a bathtub placed on legs, not on the floor, and is made for portable homes.

Why is it called a garden tub?

It is called a garden tub because from the starting of the time when these tubs were used they were placed either in a garden or on the balcony of the house to enjoy the scenery and surroundings.

Can we add jets to a garden tub?

Yes, jets can be added to the garden tub. Otherwise, these days jets come pre-fitted in the garden tub.

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